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Recent content by graywoulf

  1. graywoulf

    Playing out in the woods again

    Nice trek through the piney woods. 👍 I thought that looked like SC coastal region.
  2. graywoulf

    Holy camoly!!!

    Quadmovr is an alien from another world. He has skills that few humans can match. Good luck getting to that level. 🤪
  3. graywoulf

    Countryside free fly

    Thanks for the ride! That is a great video. Where was this flight taken?
  4. graywoulf

    My first mountain FPV

    You are off to a great start! That was an awesome video and great flying! 👍
  5. graywoulf

    New Moderator - HighTechPauper

    OUTSTANDING!!👍👍 Perfect pilot for the job in my opinion.
  6. graywoulf

    DJI or crossfire?

    I am really liking mine a lot. I was wanting an X9D Plus but the TX16S is way better. The latest ones are coming out with a speaker mod and a couple of other upgrades. Drone Cosmo has them for $149 plus they are throwing in the Radiomaster 5000mAh Li-ion battery pack that usually sells for...
  7. graywoulf

    One handed freestyle

    The thought of flying one handed has never occurred to me. I am astounded at his manual dexterity level. WOW!! 😲
  8. graywoulf

    A little fun in the field

    Nice rip man! Great place to fly too. Why are there so many signs around that field? It's not radioactive other than your flying is it? :p
  9. graywoulf

    HGLRC sector 132 props

    I would stick with the same type props like it came with. I ordered extras for my 132. https://www.racedayquads.com/products/gemfan-2540-flash-tri-blade-prop?variant=1284528275467
  10. graywoulf

    My first Cine video

    Nice video and flying! What a beautiful place to live and fly. Where is this? I also use a Session 5 and I suggest that you buy a ND8 filter for it. If you are using a 3D printed TPU mount then the only filters I have found that work are these. They will stop or reduce the "jello" effect that...
  11. graywoulf

    Best drone for kids?

    I wouldn't buy an expensive drone for him to learn on for one thing. He needs a drone that he can learn to fly manually on first. Even the Mavic Air and other DJI drones can experience GPS and compass failures and need to be flown back manually at times. Knowing how to control a drone first is...
  12. graywoulf

    Radiomaster TX16S... a great radio!

    The GPS upgrade is just another way of tracking long range planes and quads for rescue purposes mainly I think. That is if the GPS has a way of storing the flight statistics. Not sure really.
  13. graywoulf

    Second time flying my TH2

    I have found that a tiny drop of blue Loctite keeps my props on until they need to be replaced from cracking or chipping. I got tired of losing props myself and this works really well.
  14. graywoulf

    Radiomaster TX16S... a great radio!

    Well I am about to retire my Taranis QX7 which is something I didn't think I would do so soon but after watching a lot of videos on the Radiomaster TX16S, I couldn't hold back and I bought one. I can't believe this radio has this many features for the price. I also wanted to have a...
  15. graywoulf

    Hello from NC! Looking to try FPV...

    Yes, I have progressed quite far in a very short period of time. And yes, I have seen his videos including that one. I have subbed his channel for sure and that last video was absolutely amazing to see. I will be doing something very similar soon I hope. His wing was just a good example of what...