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Recent content by needelmanDP

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    'nuther noob

    Try Googling Joshua Bardwell, you will learn something
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    Maintaining Altitude (newbie Q)

    Thanks! I also couldn’t commit to my FPV goggles, I took them off right away so I could watch the drone. It was a pretty large area, but lined with trees on one side. I think the wind and coming from a DJI Phantom makes me want to see the drone.
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    Maintaining Altitude (newbie Q)

    Having the same issue, I took out my new Cinewhoop that I built and I'm having trouble maintaining a constant altitude. It was a bit windy and the drone was leaning heavily into the wind. When moving forward at speed it seems easier to maintain altitude. Any particular throttle and expo settings...
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    Had my first Fire Today

    It's easier to crash on the simulator. I'm using Liftoff. I started using the sim after my first flight crash.
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    A.O. from the mavic side

    At your/my age you may want to opt for box goggles that you can wear with glasses. I bought this pair, at $170 they are a way to ease in to FPV. I am coming from a DJI Phantom 4 drone and built my own Cinewhoop, which is a lot of work and learning. It might be easier to buy something prebuilt as...
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    Looking for Replacement 3" Ducts

    I need to purchase some more props. I'm using the HQ 75mm Cinewoop props. I've read that the Gemfan D76 is better, but it's 76mm with a slightly different hub. Can I trim them if they rub the ducts?
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    Looking for Replacement 3" Ducts

    Thanks for the replies. There is a 3D printable from Thingverse, then I'd have to buy a 3D printer. I may just order the whole kit from BG $7 more than buying 2 set of ducts. In the mean time I'll glue...it's not that bad, but I was trying to stay ahead of things. I hopefully won't be crashing...
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    Looking for Replacement 3" Ducts

    I'm looking for replacement ducts for this build. It's my first FPV drone, I've been flying DJI for years, and before I got it setup properly, I crashed it a few times and cracked a duct. I've since been crashing safely on Liftoff. The ducts are available through Banggood, but I'm looking for...