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Recent content by Scv Flyer

  1. Scv Flyer

    What is RSSI

    Here is a great explanation of what RSSI is. https://oscarliang.com/lq-rssi-tbs-crossfire/
  2. Scv Flyer

    Build reccomandations and Suggestions

    Ya most stacks are that way. I also use one long screw and the gummy’s and a lock nut and aluminum standoffs as needed. If you use a full length metal screw and gummy’s and you want to use the plastic standoffs to space the boards out you can but I’ve had them break in a bad crash even though I...
  3. Scv Flyer

    Build reccomandations and Suggestions

    I NEVER use nylon hardware to mount my FC and ESC. The first time you crash and doesn’t have to be a bad one they will break and then you will most likely short a FC or ESC or both. If want to use the nylon standoffs you could but you can get nice aluminum standoffs, I get mine from Pyrodrone. I...
  4. Scv Flyer

    DJI Drones Vs Freestyle Drones

    Renov8r, man you put together so seriously clean builds!! I am so impressed with everything I’ve seen you post! It looks like that’s and iFlight frame, yes? I had the 8” and I really liked how it flew. Hope you enjoy it! I’m currently building a Pyrodrone Source One 7” to replace the one I lost...
  5. Scv Flyer

    ESC cap's size

    As far as I know the bigger the better. Also if you use a higher voltage cap it also increases the capacitance. I fly 6s and I use 50v 1000uf caps on all my 4 in 1 esc’s.
  6. Scv Flyer

    Stack Recommendations

    If you are looking for a great stack with all the bells and whistles and a great price the CL Racing F7 dual v2.1 stack is awesome and is $75 for the FC and 45amp esc. It has all the uarts you could need and a filtered VTX power source that you can switch off with a switch on your radio so if...
  7. Scv Flyer

    Tried to get into drones and hit a brick wall.

    It sounds like your receiver may not have the correct firmware or you may not have the correct receiver type selected in Betaflight. I would try Betaflight first. Go to the configuration page and check that the receiver type is sbus.
  8. Scv Flyer

    First time posting a video

    So I haven’t posted any footage since joining so thought I would share this one. I have been trying to improve my skills so I’ve been basically just flying packs and the whole pack working on one move and as a result haven’t really just let it rip. When I flew this pack however I just put on...
  9. Scv Flyer

    Newbie asking for help on choosing equipment

    Definitely start on the sims it will save you a ton of money and time at the bench. Also be aware even though you can buy a RTF quad you are going to crash and break stuff so you are going to have to learn how to work on your rig. The new RTF builds available now are much better than even 12...
  10. Scv Flyer

    First FPV build!!

    So if you want to use f port you would use UART 6 as your serial rx
  11. Scv Flyer

    First FPV build!!

    In order to get f port or telemetry to work you need an inverted UART. Most FC have one specifically for telemetry.
  12. Scv Flyer

    First FPV build!!

    Be sure and set up your R-XSR with F Port! Really makes like so much easier! With S Bus you need 2 wires, one for signal and one for telemetry. With F Port your get everything in one wire and it automatically sets up RSSI for you. Setting up RSSI with S Bus is a bit confusing. All you have to do...
  13. Scv Flyer

    Racing quad backpack

    I have the same bag and I had a bit of trouble getting all my gear in there, however I have it pretty well sorted now. I was using a tactical backpack before and had a bit more room but it was just too big. I think I would have been happier with the new Ethix bag but it wasn’t out yet and the...
  14. Scv Flyer

    Antenna Upgrades

    Well I use the VAS Crosshair Extreme for my patch and a Lumenier AXii 2 long range as the Omni on the quad and goggles and I can go as far as I want. I use FrSky R9m for the transmitter and I am very happy. If you get the older R9m module and R9mm receivers saves a lot of money and get 1w output...
  15. Scv Flyer

    Flight One vs Betaflight

    Thanks for the advice. I ended up sticking with what I know and bought the CL Racing F7 Dual V2.1 stacks. A big factor was that I could afford to get 3 identical builds going that route so after a few weeks of building and a couple hiccups, one stack just melted down for no reason, flew a pack...