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Recent content by Tomk_

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    FPV Options

    This has got to be one of the first FPV systems. From 1990:
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    Most Common Switch for Arming?

    I use the two position on the upper back left. The SF switch on my TX16s. It's the only two position switch. I believe the F switch on your Tango 2 is a momentary switch so I would use the A button which is a two position switch.
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    Tbs tango 2 multiple bind

    I think you have that backwards. You definitely can bind multiple receivers to one controller. That's pretty SOP. As a general rule, you don't bind multiple controllers to the same receiver... but you can in some cases.
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    How to wire up GPS?

    I believe that the compass is only needed to show you what direction the quad is facing. Location relative to home point doesn't require a compass. https://oscarliang.com/gps-mini-quad/
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    How to wire up GPS?

    The one you had is compatible... it just doesn't have a compass. You can use the GPS by just wiring up the 5v, rx, tx, and grnd. Oh... Yes. 3V3 is 3.3v.
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    Begginer Kit Mobula6

    I'm pretty noobish also. The dji goggles only work with the dji fpv system, which means there will be either a Caddx Vista or a dji Air unit on board. However, you can get an analog adapter to work with the dji googles for non digital. BDI Digidapter V2 Analog Module Adapter w/ Cable...
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    Begginer Kit Mobula6

    I was not aware that digital Mobula6 quads were out there. It seems to me that a dji unit would be to heavy for that drone.
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    Help with R9M/R9 Mini OTA with Mamba F722

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    what are the current FPV racers?

    Perhaps this would be a good site to start looking: THE ULTIMATE FPV SHOPPING LIST | JOSHUA BARDWELL - FPV-KNOW-IT-All
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    Lost newbie

    If you are going to use the R9M module, you need a R9 reciever, like here:Amazon.com: FrSky Access 900MHz Long Range R9 Mini-OTA Receiver : Toys & Games Or... you could flash your R9M with Expresslrs and run elrs 900 mhz reciever like here...
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    Analog radio recommendation?

    If you happen to like the smaller, game controller style...Mr. Steele recommends the Tango 2, specifically because he thinks everyone should be flying Crossfire. This locks you in to Crossfire so you won't be flying any FrSky BNF quads. There are some that come with Crossfire. There is a mod...
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    Which radio/camera to use with Flywoo Baby Quad?

    8 minutes is asking alot. I have a Mobula6 that I like. It's half again bigger than the little one you linked to. It won't handle wind but I can fly it outside on calm days. 4 minutes is about max and that is pretty normal for these little 1s quads. There is also a Mobula7 that is a little...
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    Analog radio recommendation?

    It's a good beginner radio. If you stick with the hobby you will outgrow it. It has the cheaper pot gimbals rather than the prefered Hall gimbals. Personally I shy away from FrSky because they lock you in to the proprietary FrSky Universe. If you have that radio, you can only use FrSky...
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    Which radio/camera to use with Flywoo Baby Quad?

    The first one you linked is much larger. Nearly 3 times the size of the second one. It's still a small drone. It uses a small 4s battery and is designed to carry a small 4k action camera (not included). The second one is tiny. It's a cute little drone, but if you are wanting to fly...
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    Battery Fire, charger ruined

    smoke stopper restricts amperage in the case of a short...so the magic smoke doesn't get out. This doesn't make sense while charging