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  1. S

    Flight controller issue

    Hello.I build Y6 drone with old stuff and got problem after arming,all motors spining but no reaction from gyro and accelerometer when trying move drone by hand,throttle,roll and yaw not respond while disconnected from PC.Any ideas?Thanks
  2. R

    Show or Read accelerometer sensor data on Transmitter

    I want to read the accelerometer sensor data from my flight controller. Is there any way to do that ? I googled it but found no result about it. Have anyone an idea or an solution ?
  3. W

    cannot callibrate

    Recently I flashed the Betaflight firmware to my Flip 32(REV5, 6 DOD) board. The flashing procedure was succesful. I connect the board, there is connection. Now in the SETUP I want to calibrate the accellerometer., the colour of the yellow block turns into white for a very short time. Then...