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battery safe

  1. riumiybe

    My LIPO is acting weird.... Is this DANGEROUS??!!

    I am planning to fly my FPV drone this weekend, so I pulled out a lipo I left in Storage voltage (3.78V) and checked the voltage. Overall voltage was 22.1V which seems a little low. Then I checked the balance and it came out 1 cell 3.54V 2 cell 3.65V 3 cell 3.71V 4 cell 3.73V 5 cell 3.72V 6 cell...
  2. riumiybe

    Should I throw this battery away? Or is it still safe to use it??

    I was replacing my ESC board two days ago, and after everything was fixed and I connected my battery there was a sudden spark and a smell of something burnt. I checked my battery and it was as it is shown in the picture. It turned out that the XT160 cable had its + - sides with the wrong...
  3. E

    battery safety question , based on internal resistance

    Hi, I have a question about battery safety , based on internal resistance. Have you checked internal resistances? I recently checked a couple of batteries and ISDT charger shows very different values per battery and cell. The video is saying if one of the cells shows different values, it’s...