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  1. M

    Begginer Kit Mobula6

    Hello Guys, My name is Miguel and I'm new to this world of FPV, I've had some DJI drones (Phantom 3 and 4, Mavic mini and Inspire 2) but know nothing about FPV, I'm thinking about getting my first kit and just want to be sure that I don+t make any huge mistake, The kit I was thinking is...
  2. dalissonfigueiredo

    beginner choosing flight controller

    Hi, I am build my very first drone. I already have some parts: . 4 ESCs Emax 20A . 4 2000kv motors. . power distribution board. I wanna buy my flight controller next, I am thinking about the kakute f7 or the kakute h7. Could a flight controller be incompatible with a ESC? Are there any...
  3. viper0424

    Intoduce myself :)

    Hello. Guys!! My name is Mave and from Korea. And I am doing freestyle play. I joined here to make drone play is more enjoyable and learn more. I look forward to your kind supports. :) Below is my flight video. Please let me advise anything. Thanks!