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beta fpv

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    Meteor65 HD question

    Hello everyone, I am a new pilot to FPV and am looking to buy a Meteor65 HD to get me started, but have a few questions regarding it. 1. From what I understand the M65 HD can be flown with some cheap analog goggles while still recording some decent 1080p 60fps video to the SD card on board...
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    how to reach a customer service of BETA FPV

    Hi, I have tried to reach BETA FPV company for customer service for a month, in order to ask for troubleshooting and custom orders. First week was fine to have replies from email, but after 3rd responses, suddenly there is no longer response at all. I tried to contact them by a support email...
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    BETAFPV spare screws

    hi, I am about to buy BETA85X HD, and will order some spare parts, but cannot find spare Hex screws in BETAFPV website. Of course I emailed them but no reply from them at all, as you know. 1 - what kind of screw or what the proper name of screw? 2 - Are screws for proper and frame same length...