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  1. C

    FS-i6 not calibrating

    So I recently bought a Pixhawk mini 4, raspberry pi, FSi6 remote and FSiA6b reciver - when I go to calibrate the radio settings in qgroundcontrol, the calibration seemingly doesn't know that i've set the remotes sticks in some direction, hence it never moves past that stage and doesn't let me...
  2. M

    ESC Calibration with Naze32/Littlebee30A/Cleanflight)

    Hello guys, i am having a rough time training to build a quad. While i wait for my own parts, i have a old quad here to train on and i had to swap out the ESCs. The quad flew fine before. Main parts : -F1 Naze 32 rev6 FC -Littlebee 30A ESC x4 with Bl heli rev 14.9 flashed on all 4 ( was 2x...
  3. M

    Need Help to my Robocat270 with the Throttle stick calibration

    I need help do calibrate my throttle stick for uplift and downfall, i think the motors are too fast before middle position in my RC SkyFly FS-I6. Help please, this the final step for my drone building.
  4. N

    ESCs Not working Cleanflight

    Hi everyone I have troubles calibrating my escs in Cleanflight I have SimonK 12A ESCs, cleanflight v2.2.0 on a CC3D In the config panel I chose Multishot, as it seems Oneshot doesn't work at all Also when I try to calibrate them they just won't stop beeping - It starts with a little melody...