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  1. G

    1080p or 4k camera that records locally but transmits lower quality?

    I was looking at FPV for mini quads like Flywoo Baby Quad, and all of them were using the Insta360 camera, which I think it's too heavy for a 50g quad. With the extremely small 4k cameras we have on cellphones today, isn't there a camera solution that is both tiny, can be powered by the quad's...
  2. O

    If I do not care about weight or size,(only about latency an video quality) what is the best fpv camera?

    Hi guys, I have quite a unique situation, I have a humongous drone drone and I do not care about weight or size, I only care about latency and video quality, what FPV camera is best for me? also, it would be great if you could give me two answers: one answer under $100 (approximately) and a...
  3. F

    Standard or Wide-angle/Fish-eye FPV camera: What do you fly with?

    With my only attempt at garage flying, the biggest problem was that I couldn't judge where the ceiling or ground was, depending on angle. (Donk!) Another problem I have now is landing, where I feel like I'm looking at the sky while I'm trying to land, and I feel really disoriented trying to...
  4. W

    Trying to fix bad FPV signal

    I have a budget quad with 5-inch propellers that I built to start learning how to race FPV quads, but my current FPV setup is terrible, the video cuts out completely when I fly 15 feet away or even closer when I fly behind myself (And I am just in a grass field). my googles are the Eachine 006...
  5. bmw546

    Help my Naze 32 won't enable the single servo gimbal

    Hi everyone. I have tried many time by following this video : (an the manual of the board) to make a single servo gimbal on my naze 32 acroflight rev6 I checked the box for the servo gimbal, but when i connect the servo to pin 1 it goes full on way(and eventually get hot) and i lose one...
  6. F

    Racing camera drone umder 500grams

    Hey Id like to build a drone that is under 500grams and has a decent image quality. I thought I could use a Gopro. Has anyone any experience in terms of building a lightweight camera drone? Is there a possibility of stabilizig the gopro? thank you for your help!
  7. H

    Newest Drone for Beginners

    For drone beginners or if you just want something different, Hover Camera is an interesting option, it's a flying camera that can fly really close to you, and you can grab it with your bare hand without getting hurt. Also, it can take 13MP photos and 4K vids, although 4K isn’t stabilized. I...