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    Extremly weird flight behavior!

    Hey I recently build a quad with a cc3d and cleanflight on it. Today I took it for a maiden flight and had a really strange behavior I didnt expected. The quad is extremely wobbly and not stable at all in the air. My first guess was that some screws were loose or the FC is vibrating but my FC is...
  2. A

    Connecting CC3D to Board - Need Advice!

    I took apart my Eachine Falcons 250 so I can use some of the parts to build another drone. I took the CC3D flight controller from my old drone and want to connect it to a new board. I realized that the CC3d Flight controller have these pins that I used to just plug into my old board. But the...
  3. N

    ESCs Not working Cleanflight

    Hi everyone I have troubles calibrating my escs in Cleanflight I have SimonK 12A ESCs, cleanflight v2.2.0 on a CC3D In the config panel I chose Multishot, as it seems Oneshot doesn't work at all Also when I try to calibrate them they just won't stop beeping - It starts with a little melody...