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  1. Fast and Curious

    ToolkitRC M8S problems

    I’m having problems with a ToolkitRC M8S. The charger is powering up and the fans start when I plug in a battery but it looks pretty glitched like the graphics are out of place and the languages are changing. Also selecting settings makes it temporarily shut off. I tried updating the software...
  2. Fast and Curious

    Battery or charger issue

    Here is the issue, 6th cell of 6s batteries is over charging to 4.29 volts. How bad is it, could I get a few important flights in without damaging it? Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks
  3. E

    What do we think about this battery charger?

    I’m trying to find a good lipo battery charger that won’t drain my bank account (£30-50?) For my 4s 75C lipo batteries. I want to be able to storage charge and I have a cell at the moment at 2.7V so I’ll need to slow charge that aswell. Does anyone have any recommendations? I found this one on...
  4. E

    Eachine Battery Charger HELP!!

    I have the Eachine battery charger which I use to charge my XT60 75C 4S battery for my Eachine Wizard X200S drone - Eachine Wizard X220S FPV Racer RC Drone Spare Part 4S 14.8V Battery Charger When I plugged my battery into it there was a spark and a burning smell and the charger no longer...
  5. WizardX220Guy

    !!!Battery Problems!!! help!

    Hey everyone, Ive run into some issues with my Eachine Wizard. So the 3s battery that i got has been working fine until just yesterday. For some reason I put it to charge it, it will charge up cells 1 & 2 but cell 3 stays red on the charger. So far it hasnt turned green stating that its fully...