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  1. H

    Good beginner set?

    Hey guys, lurker here. I'm interested in getting into the FPV/drone hobby and would like to know if this set is a good beginner set for me to learn how to put together a drone and be able to practice flying one...
  2. Torc

    DIY Transmitter Tray 2.0

    I had been brainstorming all day yesterday on how to make the 2.0 version of the transmitter tray with the padded laptop tray and went to the garage for some ideas. Then I spied, with my little eye, this unused item on a shelf. I bought it years ago, never used it and could not sell it to save...
  3. raymonFPV

    Making a new frame using my CNC machine!

    The last couple of months I was working on a new frame design! I wanted to make a frame that is very light and yet very strong! The whole frame is made out of 4mm carbon fiber and weights only 90grams! Check out this video to see how the frame comes to life! This video is made with this frame!
  4. raymonFPV

    The bird of a fpv racedrone!

    In this video i'm showing you how i make my own fpv racequads from scratch using my cnc machine!
  5. raymonFPV

    How a 180 size mini quad frame is made from scratch

    This is a short video of how i make my own frames using a cnc machine.