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drone issues

  1. P

    Drone makes weird fluttering sound when going fast.

    Hey guys, I got a new drone the Diatone R349 4s and I have another problem with it. It hovers pretty good now but when I punch the throttle it makes a weird fluttering kind of noise and seems to get no thrust at all. I tried switching to a lighter battery, different props and flashing the fc but...
  2. P

    Drone takes off full throttle itself

    Hey guys! I’m kind of new to fpv drones and I had a tinhawk freestyle before but just switched to the diatone r349 3 inch 4s quad and I have been having some trouble. I just flashed my fc with the newest fw on beta flight (4.1) and then I did a hovering test in my room and punched the throttle...
  3. Martin Vendrame

    Drone not functioning properly (Radiolink AT10II + R12DS receiver + Storm Racing Drone)

    Hi, I'm a new pilot when is comes to race drone set up. I have a Radiolink AT10II with a R12DS receiver and a storm racing drone. I've installed the R12DS receiver on the drone. It was an easy plug and play set up. When the drone is on, only one prop rotates and the others twitches. How do I...