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eachine wizard x220

  1. Pmac_84

    Eachine x220 / SP Racing F3 / Betaflight 3.3.2 Buzzer issues

    Hi All - Hoping someone may be able to assist? I'm fairly green when it comes to drones so excuse the terminology ;) So I've recently installed a 5v Matek Lost model beeper to my x220, and followed a pretty straight forward guide - connecting power source to VBAT and then connecting buzzer to...
  2. A

    Flysky FS-I6 giving Eachine Wizard X220 incorrect input

    Hello! Today, I finally received my Eachine Wizard X220 RTF and I started setting it up immediately. I've followed tutorials, which went through all the settings on the fs-i6 and the settings in bètaflight aswell. Despite rewatching multiple tutorials I keep having the same problem: On the...