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  1. G

    Basic, beginner suggestions for 3" build-

    Hi guys. Beginning my first build on a 3" Volador VX3 frame. Been flying for 8 months, still using FRSKY and analog video (will make jump to ELRS soon). Need suggestions on basic, 4S, ESC/FC stacks, AIO's or whatever to use. VTX also. Trying to use a decent VTX that'll use a decent antenna, as I...
  2. thedroneracingpilot

    Mobula7 HD cable detached

    Hi, The other day when I was changing the battery of my mobula7 HD I unintentionally pull the cable and it got detached from the white PHR2. I have zero knowledge about electronics but I believe that what I need to do is as simple as buying a new pin then connect it again. My questions are: Is...