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esc not beeping

  1. P

    ESC NOT Turning on 98/100 times No connection to ESC on BLHeli

    Hi, I am desperately looking for a solution for my Problem. I can't connect to my esc on Blheli (tried standalone app, Blheli_32, web app) neither can I control the motors thrue this beta flight test mode neither do the motors spin when connected to my remote control. Though I know that esc...
  2. M

    Help with Mamba F405MK2 stack

    Hey guys, the last days I tried to get my new MAMBA stack to run and I had no success at all. So I decided to look for some advice here... My prblem is, that when I power my 4-in-1 ESC via the battery there is no powerup beep bu my FC is getting power via the ESC. My motors are attached to the...
  3. A

    4in1 ESC not beeping at all, but powering up flight controller and another parts

    Hi everyone, newbie user here. So this is my first 5inch build, let me tell the story. last week I tried to build my 5-inch quad with ESC Mamba 506 and FC T-Motor f4, but, I connected the wrong cable when connecting ESC to FC, so my T-MOtor F4 was fried. Then I replaced my T-Motor F4 with Mamba...