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  1. raymonFPV

    Sunset smoothness

    Flying at this place during sunset is just amazing! For some reason I love coming back to this place!
  2. raymonFPV

    Day in the field FPV freestyle

    I went to a big field for a change!
  3. raymonFPV

    The never ending search | VLOG 2

  4. raymonFPV

    Forest flow FPV freestyle

    It's been a very long time since i've been to this spot. Must say i totally forgot how scary this spot really is. These trees are extremely high. I've got stuck in one of those trees it's bye bye little quad. But non the less, i love flying here.
  5. raymonFPV

    Cinematic forest freestyle

    Last week I went back to the forest...
  6. raymonFPV

    a bit heavier kwad better for freestyle?

    For the last 7 months or so I was flying a really light weight true-X quad. Ever since I switched from a standard 210 to a 200 trueX quad I had some issues. One of the things I was running into was, I had issues getting inverted over trees with some amount of wind. The quad just did not have...