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for sale

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    DJI FPV + 2 FMC Packs (Sold)

    Selling my slightly used DJI FPV. It has never been crashed, it’s only been flown a dozen times or so. As you can see in the pictures, ONLY the Motion Controller v1 is included. I have the Avata and need the RC for that. What’s included: - DJI FPV - DJI MC v1 - 5 Batteries - Duality...
  2. I

    [SOLD] Fully Outfitted DJI FPV System

    I've been laid off for a while and need to sell my complete FPV kit. It is truly barely used with easily less than 10 flights and only a few battery cycles. It's basically brand new and perfect. Full set of pics Note that the decals are easily removed. - DJI FPV Combo kit ($1299) - 2 x DJI...