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  1. I

    Avata Forest Flight, Crash, and Recovery!

    As usual, the Avata survived without a scratch!
  2. raymonFPV

    Winter wonderland 2017 nature edit

    The winter has arrived here in the Netherlands! I went back to one of my favorite pine forests to film and fly! At this time of year this is a very magical place to be! I've tried to capture this beauty in this video! Hope you like it :)
  3. raymonFPV

    Pine forest fun

    I found this amazing spot last summer! Last week I went back here! It's always fun to fly here!
  4. raymonFPV

    It finally stops raining Cinematic freestyle

    For the last couple of days it's been raining pretty much the whole day long. Last Saturday the weather finally cleared up.
  5. raymonFPV

    Winter wonderland

    I was very cold! But it doesn't stop me from flying!
  6. raymonFPV

    Winter flow FPV freestyle

    New winter edit!
  7. raymonFPV

    Practise day FPV

    Time for practise!
  8. raymonFPV

    Forest flow FPV freestyle

    Am i the only that is posting video's? plz share your vids!
  9. raymonFPV

    Learning a mattystuntz move in the forrest FPV freestyle video

    Yesterday i went back to the forest! I saw these two trees and i knew i needed to learn that trick from matty!