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fpv contoller

  1. Z

    JumperRC T-Pro V2 2,4 GHz on banggood good?

    I saw the controller on banggood for only 100€ with 1000mw power ([US$109.99~156.99] JumperRC T-Pro V2 2,4 GHz 16-Kanal-Fernbedienung Hallsensor Gimbals ELRS/JP4IN1 Multiprotokoll-OLED-Bildschirm OpenTX/EdgeTX Mode2-Funksender für RC-Drohne RC Teile from Spielzeug Hobbys und Roboter on...
  2. pedz

    DJI Assistant 2 on an M1 Mac running Ventura

    I bought a FPV Controller and it won't link to my Avata. So I was told to get the DJI Assistant 2 and use it to update the firmware on the controller. I have a long post of my problems here. Has anyone gotten the DJI Assistant 2 to work on an M1 Mac running Ventura?