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frsky x-lite

  1. N

    Yet another FrSky Receiver not binding

    I hate to add another thread about FrSky receivers not binding, but I've been searching for a fix for days and just can't find the answer. I'm a complete beginner, first drone and all that. Bought an R-XSR and a FrSky X-lite (not the pro or S version) and I just cannot get them to bind. Freshly...
  2. StevenSeagal

    iFlight Cinebee 75 HD XM+ Receiver can't bind with X-lite

    Hello Quad Pilots! I'm new in the hobby.. I finally got saved up enough money to buy my first: Tanaris X-Lite receiver iFlight Cinebee 75 HD (Bind and fly with XM+ Receiver) Fatshark HDO Rapidfire Module that's what i got told would be a really good starter kit Now the problem comes in...
  3. Torc

    3" in the Raw

    This BabyhawkR has been through two body transplants (2.5/3.0) since I bought it and a new RDQ Mach 2 VTX. I was also trying out an AXII stubby on my box goggles because I want a more low profile and quicker setup/break down. At 25mW setting I was reaching approximately 300 feet from me before...