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frsky xm+

  1. M

    Frsky XM+ Binding Issue

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the FPV hobby and so far loving it but I am in it alone so far, no friends that are doing it, nobody more knowledgeable to help out. I've figured out a lot so far and I've been having a great time, but I just hit an issue I can't get past and I need some help please...
  2. StevenSeagal

    iFlight Cinebee 75 HD XM+ Receiver can't bind with X-lite

    Hello Quad Pilots! I'm new in the hobby.. I finally got saved up enough money to buy my first: Tanaris X-Lite receiver iFlight Cinebee 75 HD (Bind and fly with XM+ Receiver) Fatshark HDO Rapidfire Module that's what i got told would be a really good starter kit Now the problem comes in...