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  1. Mepsking

    Active User Appreciation Event 💓✨

    Post more in =AZVWGznkALXdItXpOHhCeIbuPM3T6vUWjkMJWl-GGo9rpVNujXPRZ4AUrtTQ95BH6JbYoKWIUZ5xpjFXH-rYOQH-JWlZwCkmb0OWOgqpGXawXn18RtF3UOlmJjsaNRCb2QRMxoT-vxoGOTlNujfV45J0iX4IG7354PAxx2L0cjqzts2PrNLcEpddUiAkiF1UGto&__tn__=-UK-R']MEPS FPV Community for the rest of this month to win our Thanksgiving...
  2. raymonFPV

    My GoPro setting and Giveaway announcement! VLOG 19

    I got some question about my GoPro settings, so I decided to make a video about this. I am getting closer and closer to the 2000 subs, so I will do a giveaway!
  3. 8

    Drone Camps RC Giveaway!

    Here's is the link to Justin's YouTube video where he's giving away a nice quad and August's drone drop box. See video description for entry details. Winner to be announced on October 1st