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  1. W

    VTX sudden failure on Emax Hawk 5 (Resolved)

    Need some help troubleshooting a VTX issue. I got my first BNF quad, an Emax Hawk 5. Great quad! As expected, despite putting in my hours on Liftoff simulater, I still crashed it a few times, finally resulting in a broken VTX card (would still transmit but only for a very short distance and...
  2. K

    Betaflight disconnect my drone when I power up my controller

    I am trying to setup my very first fpv drone. I have a hawk 5 and I followed this tutorial: My controller and drone seems to pair since my drone shows the green light constantly when I power up my Frsky q x7 controller. But if i connect my drone to betaflight using mac I can see all tabs and...