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  1. M

    RunCam split 3 LITE for 5-inch?

    I have a simple question; would it be a bad idea to buy a RunCam Split 3 Lite for my 5 inch quad? I'm looking for a decent camera upgrade from my current Eachine 700TVL from the Tyro 79, and found a really good offer on the Runcam in my country ( about half price). I haven’t been able to find...
  2. S

    Wizard x220s won't take off

    Hello! So i decided to start this new hobby and got myself something that i could break, the thing is that i am not even able to even fly ?, i got a x220s got everything set on betaflight, armed and everything.... now it doesn't matter how much throttle i give it won't take off, even by moving...