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help with my batteries.

  1. WizardX220Guy

    !!!Battery Problems!!! help!

    Hey everyone, Ive run into some issues with my Eachine Wizard. So the 3s battery that i got has been working fine until just yesterday. For some reason I put it to charge it, it will charge up cells 1 & 2 but cell 3 stays red on the charger. So far it hasnt turned green stating that its fully...
  2. T

    Battery issues....

    Ok, so I am new to racing drones. I have been flying about a month and half. Which may sound long but I only get to fly really on the weekends. Wo with me learning and repairing the time in the air is significantly diminished. LOL... So I bought 5 Floureon 4S 14.8V 1300 mAh 40C with a XT60...