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indoor flying

  1. pedz

    Indoor FPV drone suggestions

    I have an Avata and might buy the Avata 2 which implies that I have DJI’s controllers and goggles. I am wanting to learn how to fly it in manual mode. The simulator makes me sick and I’ve been told that that is common. The past few months have been extremely wet (rainy) and if it isn’t rainy...
  2. HardLanding

    Glowing Indoor FPV Course..... #CrashMaster

    This is my first attempt flying indoor FPV drones... I clearly have a lot to learn and more to practice. Thanks for watching! What do you think of the course?
  3. cavalleydude

    Excellent places to fly, from noobs to advanced

    You got yourself a new FPV Racing Drone and you're all ready to fly, now what? Where can I fly? You read all the rules for your area... FAA registration, blah, blah, blah... now what? If you're like me, you've at least seen some of the DRL races and you want to try that once you get to the point...