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  1. Winks

    Failsafe trigger on liftoff?

    I've done my best to go through and see if there's a similar post to this, to avoid flooding the forum with unnecessary posts, but I haven't found anything yet. This is my first build and I'll do my best to provide as much information as I can. I'm using the dragon X5 frame and have my drone...
  2. FrankV01

    Liftoff (bare with me regarding the post in FC)

    So, I'm fairly new to quads. I've got some time in the air and some in simulators (both DRL and Liftoff). But, I'm still learning a lot every day but mostly details and nuances at this point. This brings me to a question. How effective is Liftoff in simulating (& replicating the results) of...
  3. cavalleydude

    General questions about using the Liftoff simulator

    I've been using Liftoff for a little while now. I've been flying LoS since Christmas with my real drone and I have some new FPV Goggles on the way so I've been practicing a lot on Liftoff. Im starting to make adjustments to the flight controller to dial in the drone and my flying skills. Okay...