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  1. Viper_Zero

    All motors spin in the same direction problem

    I recently got a meteor 65 (2022) and have flown it around for a little bit, but after a light bump? one of the propellors fell off. Since then I have not been able to take off. I've tried switching props, replacing the motors and flashing the factory firmware. Flashing the ESC to reverse some...
  2. W

    Meteor65 HD question

    Hello everyone, I am a new pilot to FPV and am looking to buy a Meteor65 HD to get me started, but have a few questions regarding it. 1. From what I understand the M65 HD can be flown with some cheap analog goggles while still recording some decent 1080p 60fps video to the SD card on board...
  3. F

    Betafpv meteor65 problem

    Hey, I have this problem for over half a year and since I am very frustrated. I got my meteor65 in november 2021, turned it on everything seemed fine, flew once then i had training so i left home. After i tried to turn on the drone and the LED lights were red and flashing purple. Connected it to...