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mobula 6 hd

  1. Shaznoid

    🧱🏜️🏔️ The Five Graces - Santa Fe- New Mexico

    Weekend trip to Santa Fe NM to see some friends, stayed at The Inn of The Five Graces and had to do some FPV while I was there. - Great friends, great place, great vibe, great weekend. Ganesha looked over my quads this rip (the Hindu elephant god symbolizes protection and the removal of...
  2. Shaznoid

    📆 Last day of Janruary 2024 Ripety-rip & ⛑️ Roger Rescue

    📆 Last day of Janruary 2024 Ripety-rip: Bonus video: ⛑️ Roger Rescue:
  3. Shaznoid

    🥅 NET! NET! NET! 🥅

    Oh no, another long format dose of motion sickness from Shaznoid. This video is not stabilized, should it be? I can feel my drone powers are getting stronger with each flight.
  4. Shaznoid

    🇬🇧 Whoa Nellie!

    My wife's friend and her son were visiting from England and my wife asked me to fly the drone for them! You don't have to ask me twice! It was a quick two battery rip (~6min airtime), here's the 60 second short that features as much of our puppy Nellie as me flying. Not my most daring YouTube...
  5. Shaznoid

    ☀️ The Summer's Calling

    Only took me 10 months to get around to editing this footage from last July Another great tune from Laura Brehm (I wish I spent a little more time on the title screen though) Drones: Mobula 6 HD Goggles: SkyZone 02C Transmitter: FlySky FS-i6 (w/firmware hack) Batteries: Gaoneng 1S 380mAh