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  1. L

    Drone went for a swim, NEED help is my ESC or motors broken?

    Hi very new to fpv drones so need a little help Basically, let a mate fly my drone (rookie mistake) he lost control, I lost sight of it and he crashed it straight into a puddle and was in there, fully submerged, for about 10 mins before we found it. I’ve seen forums online saying it should be...
  2. T

    Weird twitching

    So I've been flying for about a year and I am an addict. Hi, my name is Ron and I am addicted to FPV...... I started with a Wizard x220 and now the only thing left of it is the frame, sort of. I've replaced everything on it including the frame. Ive built 3 other quads from the ground up and...
  3. NeoCloneOne

    Need help - Floureon 250 FPV racer motor not working

    I'm fairly a newbie to the 250 Racing drone scene (but an electronics tech, so helps with assembly/ repairs). Gonna just use for personal sport flying. Anyways, purchased it from GearBest. Out of the box, one of the filter caps for one motor was damaged/ no big deal. Replaced it. I flew it 3...
  4. R

    High throttle whine.

    so my quad flies fine but it makes this wierd whineing noise when i give it alot of throttle... i tought it was a demaged motor but i replaced it + the props and the sound is still there. i did not have the sound before i chrashed lightly. Omnibus F4 Gemfan 5152 Tri-Blade Brotherhobby returner...