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new drone

  1. R

    FOR SALE: Brand New, Unused Replacement DJI FPV Drone (drone only, no props or battery) w/ V2 Controller.

    EDIT: The battery and props have been sold! The only item for sale now is the drone with the gimbal camera ONLY. EDIT: After explaining the backstory of why I am selling this item, it has occurred to me that I also have a new, unused, never turned on V2 FPV Controller for the DJI FPV Drone I...
  2. J

    Arris x220 v2 or Wizard x220s ? Fpv Noob

    Hello guys, I've had a few quads now, bugs 3, DJI Spark , holy Stone 200d , I'm a fairly decent pilot on those crafts but I'm a total noob to acro mode (only flew about 10 mins in a simulator.) Which of these quads would be a better fit for me? Thank you please help! If I left out any important...