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new fpv pilot

  1. thefrisbee995

    New FPV Operator Here! (Video - Opinions?)

    Hi guys, new operator here, used to post over on mavic pilots and have flying Phantoms, Mavics and Minis for a few years. Just picked up the FPV combo. Let me know what you think of my first flight in manual? Nothing “special”, kept near the UK legal limit of 400ft as much as I could to give...
  2. E

    New to FPV

    Hi everyone... I'm just new to the hobby and doing lots of research before ordering my stuffs... I'm also on a limited budget... The setup I'm thinking about is this : - RadioMaster TX16S Hall Sensor Gimbals 2.4G 16CH Multi-Protocol RF System OpenTX Mode2 Transmitter - HappyModel ES24TX Pro...