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  1. K

    Hi I’m looking to get into this hobby and have a few questions....

    Hey I’m new and have been researching but have a few questions... The simulator seems the way to start but with the huge amount of brands and different things involved I don’t even know where to start... I thought about buying the tiny hawk kit on Amazon but feel like I should just buy a...
  2. H

    New Guy Looking for Advice on my Drone Transmitter and Radio

    Hey everyone I'm new to the drone racing hobby and I'm about to make my first racing drone. I'm somewhat following the UAVfutures $99 racing drone build and following his "pro" setup which is going to cost more than $99 lol. I have a 3dr IRIS + controller (and the rest of the drone as well)...
  3. R

    New in SE Wisconsin and Amelia Island, FL

    I am glad to be joining this group. I flew conventional for about 30 years, then had a heart issue. I’ve been flying Phantom 3 and 4’s for a few years and am Part 107 PIC. I watched drone races a year ago and have been wanting to get into it ever since. I met a guy at the park where I fly my...
  4. Fiddlebog

    New to FPV, Build/etc Advice

    Howdy y'all, Let me just start by saying that I'm very excited about starting this hobby. There are a lot of aspects that attract me to it that have attracted me to other hobbies. In addition y'all have a great community here, which is not something I've always seen other places. Looking through...
  5. T

    Quad Tuning, Please Help!!

    Hey, you guys, I have been working oni my quad for almost 2 years now and I still can't get the pids down. I am trying to get my quad to do tight rolls, flips, and be the best it can be. Plase, help. Please, all tips are welcome!!!!