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please help me

  1. H

    My drone wont arm

    Running emuflight and ive had people look at it no one can figure it out. Beta flight controller with crossfire module. drone has crossfire nano rx. Light is green its defintly binded. None of the buttons will arm the drone. In emu flight it shoes the drone is level and on the beta flight config...
  2. B

    Please I need help ASAP

    Hi, can you help me with something? I’m building my own for drone I’ve got all my parts ready to go it’s just how did you attach your controller to the flight controller? I am a rc car hobbyist and I’m just confused on the receiver and radio part of it. I am currently studying electronics and I...
  3. N

    Newbie needs help!

    So as the title says im new to this hobby and new to the website. Ive bought a couple of drones to get into the hobby but im not the most technical guy in the world, my most recent issue is with my Eachine trashcan, I can barely get 1 minute flights before the batteries out of juice this is...