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  1. Dany FeelGood

    DJI FPV • What can we do with 1 Battery?

    Got only 1 Battery ? ? After 1 Flight/Battery (+/-8min) I can already go Home ?? Hopefully DJI starts to sell the FLY-MORE-PACKS very soon. Any tips (or Batteries) for me ??? Just let me know haha DJI FPV Drone & Goggles v2 Flight Time 8min (manual/acro) Rates 150-520-50 CamTilt 26°...
  2. A

    Looking for something sporty...

    So, I am fairly new to Drone Piloting and picked up a couple GoPro Karma's last month. I fly them about every day. I love the Karma for getting great videos and pics...like the family sedan. They are great at zipping around to get cool shots, BUT now I am looking for something more sporty with...