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  1. D

    Brand new Special Edition of the FrSky Taranis X9D+SE!

    Here's a quick review on the Brand new Taranis X9D+SE If youre looking to pick up a new radio, I highly suggest looking into this radio, I own both an original X9D and the new SE, and wow the difference is like night and day. It is truly an amazing transmitter.
  2. wbgorex

    Simstick Complete $20

    Simstick Complete, used once, indoors only. $20 List is $50. (For wireless simulator operation, or for running sims with transmitters having no trainer port) Simstick website: Simstick Complete! by SIMSTICK
  3. D

    What first radio?

    hello everyone. I am about to get my first quad and want opinions and advice on selecting a radio. The local shop is recommending the Spectrums. They said many of the models (they sell) are ready to bind. I would like to get something that won't be outdated in 3 months (I know the way things...