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  1. J Gold

    Looking for someone tech savvy who would like a side gig...

    Im fairly new to fpv racing I’ve flown rc choppers and planes in the past and owned a mini quad when drones were fairly new to the market. I’d like to get back into the rc game, I’m looking for someone who can help me get fully set up. New sticks, goggles and a custom built drone linked and...
  2. R

    Anyone interested in a RTF Lumenier 250?

    Hello All, I built a Lumenier 250 a couple years back and I just dont use it enough to justify keeping it. I remember that I have Keva Motors and everything set up with Fatshark googles. I believe I spent close to $900 for everything. I have photos if anyone is interested. I apologize in...
  3. raymonFPV

    I got an ImmersionRC VORTEX MOJO | FPV FREESTYLE | VLOG 18

    Last week I decided to test my new MOJO at my favorite freestyle spot!
  4. R


    Help buying a new drone I really like this drone thing and would like to buy one. I am an amateur but would like to purchase something that lasts long and I won't need to change soon. Would you recommend a ready-to-fly drone or build my own? If you recommend building my own, where can I start...