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  1. Shaznoid

    FPV Rip@ Holiday Inn EXPRESS & Suites, Goshen Indiana #nostab

    Three packs to start the day. Drone: Mobula 6 HD Goggles: SkyZone 02C Transmitter: Taranis Q-X7 + IRangeX 4 in 1 module Batteries: Gaoneng 1S 380mAh
  2. Shaznoid

    Goshen Brewing Co. 🍻

    "Hold my beer..." Super fun shoot. Had 1 hour to capture indoor and outdoor during Sunday Brunch prep. Storms all night, caught a break between downpours to record the exterior shots between the building, power lines, and a river in 10mph winds gusting to 18mph. Had a motor fail on one of the...
  3. Shaznoid

    🇺🇸 Memorial Day 2024

  4. Shaznoid

    📆 Last day of Janruary 2024 Ripety-rip & ⛑️ Roger Rescue

    📆 Last day of Janruary 2024 Ripety-rip: Bonus video: ⛑️ Roger Rescue: