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  1. Z

    FPV goggles uncomfortable seeing 2 individual displays (Skyzone 04x)

    Hello. I need some advice regarding the FPV goggles (Skyzone 04x). I am testing these goggles (my first FPV goggles) and I have noticed this annoying thing and I cannot get my head around. Whenever I use goggles, My eyes are able to pick up that there are 2 individual displays and each eye is...
  2. Z

    Streaming android phone screen to FPV goggles (skyzone 04x)

    Hello. I am involved in a project which requires us to stream phone screen to FPV goggles. Could someone advice me whether this is possible or not? I require to stream screen view from android phone directly to FPV goggles (the connection can be wired or wireless doesnt matter). Lets say I want...