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throttle settings

  1. fpvrick7

    6S High KV - Throttle scaling

    I'm thinking about building a 6s freestyle kwad with 2150kv motors, so that I can have a 4S battery setup with dual blades for long range and efficiency, and 6S batteries for freestyle (with throttle scaling in BF 4.1 of course). However, I have read on multiple websites and forums that scaling...
  2. M

    Need Help to my Robocat270 with the Throttle stick calibration

    I need help do calibrate my throttle stick for uplift and downfall, i think the motors are too fast before middle position in my RC SkyFly FS-I6. Help please, this the final step for my drone building.
  3. B

    Difficulty arming 1st quadcopter build

    Using Flysky's AFHDS 2A protocol with older Flysky FS-i6 and new Flysky X6B i-Bus, PPM, PWM receiver set up for PPM. Receiver bound. The receiver controls are operational under Betaflight 3.0.1. Escs are calibrated. Channel 5 is mapped to AUX 1 for arming. Under Betaflight, I can see switching...