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tiny whoop

  1. Shaznoid

    🧱🏜️🏔️ The Five Graces - Santa Fe- New Mexico

    Weekend trip to Santa Fe NM to see some friends, stayed at The Inn of The Five Graces and had to do some FPV while I was there. - Great friends, great place, great vibe, great weekend. Ganesha looked over my quads this rip (the Hindu elephant god symbolizes protection and the removal of...
  2. L

    MD pilot looking for people to fly with

    Hi everyone, My name is Chris, I live west of Baltimore out in Carroll County and am trying to find some people to fly with. I flew fixed wing with my dad for years as a kid growing up, but eventually faded away from it. Bought myself a toy drone for Christmas years ago and have accumulated a...
  3. T

    Budget transmitter and headset for a whoop

    I am new to drone racing. I have a habit of throwing myself neck deep a bit earlier than I should and this is no different. I am looking for a spektrum transmitter and headset fairly cheap. I would like to keep both under a combined $200 but I'm flexible. I am registered for a whoop race later...
  4. V

    Drone Transportation Basket

    Introducing the Berry Basket: A Basket for Your Drone