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tinyhawk 2

  1. A

    Whoop frustration

    First, I bought Emax Tinyhawk II Indoor Kit. It was real fun to fly. However, after a while (a few days), it stopped to work. No visible damage. It wasn’t able to bind. I flashed firmware, did everything I could – no avail. It didn’t bind to its native radio and didn’t bind to RadioMaster...
  2. S

    FPV Beginner - Binding Issue with Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 and Tinyhawk 2

    Hi Everyone! I'm Aaron. I'm new to the FPV world here in Henderson/Las Vegas. I've been flying DJI drones for about 5 years (Mavic, Air, Phantom series). I invested in a good amount of FPV equipment - Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 with Crossfire Micro (starter kit), Fatshark HDO2 Goggles with...
  3. R

    FrSky Taranis QX7 not binding with Tinyhawk 2 D16 (solved)

    Hi All. looking for help from anyone that had this issue or knows a solution. Just received my first fpv so excuse my ignorance in all this! I am trying to learn guys. I have a FrSky Taranis QX7 - eu lbt - I updated Opentx FW today (ver 2.3.11) Tinyhawk 2 connected to betaflight and in cli...
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    Please Help - can't get BetaFPV and TinyHawk2 working

    Hi, hopefully someone can help as I am losing hair rapidly. I purchased locally here in New Zealand: BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 FrSky TinyHawk 2 BNF I am totally new to drones/quads so I read first that I need to bind them by changing the radio to D8, which I did, and then hit Bind on the radio and...