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  1. raymonFPV

    Trick tutorial 5: Alley-oop hangtime!

    I've made another trick tutorial! This time I'm showing you how to do the Alley-oop hangtime trick. I do this trick all the time and this is one of my favorite moves to do! Especially because you'll get a lot of hangtime this way and at the same time you can easily combine it with other tricks!
  2. raymonFPV

    Trick tutorial 4: Sliding in, Sliding out MOVE | FPV freestyle TRICKS

    I've made another trick tutorial! In this video I am showing you one of my favorite moves! This trick isn't that hard, but if you doing it wrong you can end up in a tree!
  3. G

    Trick tutorial || Diagonal pitch / roll

    Yesterday I made a trick tutorial. It is a kind a weird looking trick.
  4. G

    Mattystuntz trick tutorial

    A small tutorial of a mattystuntz trick.
  5. raymonFPV

    FPV freestyle tutorial 2: mattyflip and more..

  6. raymonFPV

    Trick tutorial: yaw flips