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walkera runner 250

  1. DREX

    hello everyone I'm Drex from NJ and have been "droning" about two months.

    This is a hobby I didn't see coming. I've been aware of drones for a while but no real interest. Suddenly I wanted to try something new so I bought a Mavic. Setting up the APP on my phone sucked but after that it was just fun as heck! Had to learn to fly it by the instruments since after a few...
  2. C

    FPV Suggestions

    I'm new to the world of FPV racing (and already addicted). I purchased a Walkera runner 250 basic as a practise quad, but I have 2 questions that I'm not able to find answers for. 1. Do FPV racing quads commonly use camera Gimbals? If so does anyone know of a gimbal that will fit on the runner...