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  1. E

    Drone outputs power to about 60-70% after raining damage.

    Hi, my drone stuck on a 9m tall’s tree and got rained for 8hours. Next day amazingly my friend took it back from the tree. Then I kept my drone drying for one night. As a result, the drone is recovered, and took flights 10 times, and it was fine, very smooth flights. Only problem is I feel...
  2. rtkDarling

    Overwater Dub

    This is just a chill edit of some scary flying :)
  3. Chris G

    I flew my quad into the river, camera kept rolling 8-)

    I started up my X-Bird250 with 3s 1800ma batt and contourHD 1080 camera, no FPV cam or trans. Took Spike for a trip through a tree, then proceeded towards the river, lost my bearings, and splash. Completely pilot error, my bad. I pulled it out of the water in about 15 seconds or so, unplugged...