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  1. Shaznoid

    📆 Last day of Janruary 2024 Ripety-rip & ⛑️ Roger Rescue

    📆 Last day of Janruary 2024 Ripety-rip: Bonus video: ⛑️ Roger Rescue:
  2. GiantAntCowboy

    New 8g HDZero Digital FPV Setup

    I had a chance to test out the new HDZero Whoop Lite VTX and Nano Lite camera recently and at only 8g is really impressive! This is perfect for those building tiny whoops but want nice image quality. Just wanted to share for those interested, cheers!
  3. A

    Whoop frustration

    First, I bought Emax Tinyhawk II Indoor Kit. It was real fun to fly. However, after a while (a few days), it stopped to work. No visible damage. It wasn’t able to bind. I flashed firmware, did everything I could – no avail. It didn’t bind to its native radio and didn’t bind to RadioMaster...
  4. T

    Budget transmitter and headset for a whoop

    I am new to drone racing. I have a habit of throwing myself neck deep a bit earlier than I should and this is no different. I am looking for a spektrum transmitter and headset fairly cheap. I would like to keep both under a combined $200 but I'm flexible. I am registered for a whoop race later...
  5. P

    What's best for learning fpv. Fatshark 101, Wizard x220 or TinyWhoop

    Okay I have built a nice drone Qav-x frame etc. And I am building another drone. Have been flying as much as I can or afford (good batteries aren't cheap). But I was thinking of getting a cheaper drone that I can use my fatshark goggles and Taranis radio to help me learn faster. The Tiny Whoop...