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A little Acro flying with BOB (Crusader GT2)


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Mar 9, 2016
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I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable in Acro mode now. I'm definitely paying my dues though, having suffered through a number of crashes. Just got to keep plugging away!


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Love it, Cant wait to graduate to horizon mode. Im still working on the basics of Angle mode. Can you give me some tips on Horizon Mode?

Don't be afraid of Horizon mode. It's basically the same as Angle but it will let you flip and roll. In Angle you cant go past a certain point in roll or pitch, in Horizon you can. Horizon is still a self-leveling mode. The transition from Horizon to Acro has been a bit tougher for me.

Cool. OK

but what I meant was like lets say I go into a bank roll...do I need to add throttle, hold throttle or no throttle till Im out of the roll? same question with a flip?

I'm not sure I can answer your question correctly. I believe there are probably many YT videos out there explaining the process but I'll try to give you my experience. I would start with rolls, they seemed to be easier to me than flips. I would start out getting the quad to go in a slow, forward, just past hover motion. Pretty much leave the throttle where it is and quickly start a roll motion, you have to almost snap it to the right or left. As soon as you start to see yourself upright again let the stick go. In Horizon mode if you're off a little bit it will attempt to self level and you should be good to go. (Not the case in Acro mode). The same applies to flips but I found it more difficult to do. Hope that helps a little.

That works, Ill try that(when Im ready)...

Thanks Boss
I had my Wizard X220 tuned by the Grayson guys at Grayson hobby as I'm a beginner and just wanted to jump into this hobby without having to learn programming switches and stuff. They made one switch the arm/disarm switch and the 3 position switch the 3 modes. In angle mode the props don't spin until I give throttle, but in horizon and acro they spin before takeoff....Is this normal

I don't own that particular bird but I would assume its normal based on the setting in Cleanflight/Betaflight. To turn them off there is a Motor Stop switch on the configuration page in Cleanflight/Betaflight.

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