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Can a CineWhoop Hover? (newbie Q)


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Jan 19, 2021
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To date, I've only flown a Mavic 2 Pro and a Mini 2, but am looking at learning to fly a CineWhoop for interior real estate videos. I'm using the simulator Liftoff FPV to try to get the hang of it. Dumb question perhaps, but does a CineWhoop type drone have the ability to hover on its own? Because on the simulator, if you let go, you lose altitude and you basically have to constantly give it throttle and release to keep it in the air, but pretty impossible to maintain the same altitude doing that. This isn't a simulator question - just relating what I'm seeing there, but how do you maintain a set altitude with one of these things?

Appreciate any insight.


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Nov 12, 2020
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If you are looking to fly indoors, you will be flying in angle mode (which is a self leveling mode with angle limits). Hovering still requires some throttle control as there is no positon or altitude hold on FPV drones. With Cinewhoops, depending on which one, the ducts (usually taller and have tiny clearance with prop) or prop guards (props are more than 1mm from guard and generally not as tall) will have an impact on the flight characteristics of the quad. The ducts direct the air downward and there is less spill of the end of the pros due to the ducts pushing the air more concentrated downward. This means that unless you add expo to your throttle curve and possibly add a throttle scale, the throttle will be very sensitive and holding a constant altitude will take some precision on the sticks. Also the ducts act as vaccums on the top side so you need to be mindful if you ge too close to something as the quad will want to suck up against it and pull whatever it contact with into the props. All this to say that the addition of ducts or prop guards certainly help with safety but there are still inherent risks. Definitely try flying in Angle mode and you will have much better control and you can pretty much use yaw only for turning if you want to keep a level flight. Angle mode is can be enable on a switch by assigning an AUX channel in the modes tab in Betaflight.
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